you may be thinking this looks like a shitty tumblr blog, and yes, that is exactly what this is. but tumblr is a toxic, invasive space, and i'd rather just have a little space to vent, all to myself. no replies, no bitching. think mmo vs singleplayer. that sort of deal.

i don't really have much in store for this place yet. i'm here to complain, and maybe upload media projects i work on, which are mainly pixel art and song covers. i'm an angsty piece of shit with no real talents, to be quite honest. i'm putting this online because i just want someone to hear me, so my thoughts don't go to waste, being funneled out into the void. so, if you read what i have here, thank you.

also i almost failed two coding classes. my apologies if what code i've written shows up as a glitchy mess on your computer. looks fine on mine. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯